Rugby: Something does not add up!

By eric odanga
May 20, 2013
  • KRU Chairman Mwangi Muthee and Kenya 7s Coach Mike Friday.(Photo:SNA File)

Something does not add up. After the much anticipated Kenya Rugby Union Board meeting on Wednesday, the press statement was an anti climax.

Why? Mwangi Muthee says that Michael Friday will be incharge of the team for next month’s Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow.

At the same time says the performance of the coach will be reviewed. The main issue was cracks within the KRU which has been simmering since the new office was elected about two years ago.

It was about the democratic space which has been given to directors and what the (directors) have done with this new freedom.

Muthee was expected to read the riot act to his ‘rogue’ directors. Unfortunately, they (directors) have the numbers and could use this to engineer a vote-of-no-confidence on the KRU chairman.

That Friday will be in Moscow was no big secret because Muthee and his deputy Sasha Mutai had said so after Philip Jalang’o, the Director of National Squads & Elite Performance issued a press statement saying Friday and Chris Brown, the strength and conditioning coach had their contracts terminated.

Last Friday, when news of termination of contracts seeped through the Kenyan camp in London, there was mild tension mainly between the players, KRU Board Directors and the fans (who only learned of the news on Monday).

Whether the sponsors had a hand in the apology by Muthee is unclear.

Snap SGM to oust Muthee?

Meanwhile, there have been talks of a snap Special General Meeting.

The agenda has been muted but it is clear that the axis which purports to run the affairs of the Union are not comfortable and want Muthee out.

They have the numbers, the same numbers that they used to ensure his election. Is Muthee the problem?

There are many issues within the KRU who were elected in the office with a promise of transparency and taking the game to the people.

The current impasse is just a tip of the iceberg. At the center of the storm is the democratic space given to various directors.

This has resulted into bigger egos. Stop and take stock. How much ground has been gained by the new KRU leadership and how much ground has been lost?

Case example is the revenue loss by Safari Sevens after the new office was elected. Loss of the adjacent Ligi Ndogo grounds.

On a positive note, the game has expanded. This is why, something does not just add up and the KRU needs to stem the rot which has led to wrangles in other associations.

There is a new Sports Bill which has a clause for addressing unrest within associations. Kenya is going to the Sevens World Cup next month and this distraction is unwelcome.