Sportsnewsarena on the ground in Glasgow

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Jul 22, 2021

Oh yes! will bring you all the latest news, results and reactions from the 2014 Glasgow games in Scotland. will follow Kenyan athletes from the Games village, to the training grounds; analyze their performances and even their feelings right after their competitions. You can also follow team Kenya’s performance by SMS.

Simply send the world MICHEZO to subscribe to our alerts to the number 20699.

Our very own Evelyn Watta, will once again be on the ground following through from the last games in India with her usual fresh, insightful and incisive articles on the performance of team Kenya and other leading sports figures as they battle for club Game honors.

Watta is a trusted hand having covered three Olympic games, several global and continental championships.

So no need to wait to read the news from Glasgow the following day will get it to you all the action as it happened and how it happened right here!

You can follow her on Twitter at @evelynwatta or our updates on @sportsnewsarena.

The games will run from July 23 - August 3.