Top KPL players for Koth Biro

By sportsnewsarena correspondent
Nov 14, 2021
  • Mathare United's Edwin Lavatsa takes on AFC Leopards' Simon Sikuku in a KPL match. Lavatsa will play for Help Them Lord in Koth Biro tournament.

Literally translated, Koth Biro means the rain is coming. It is one of the longest running tournaments which is played in November, December and January.

Because it is played off season, Koth Biro has a special place in the Nairobi Region's sporting calendar. It is a Mtaa tournament which is aimed at keeping the football players busy over the festive season. 

It is a social event but over the years, it has evolved in a serious tournament attracting various teams from different regions in Nairobi. The matches which has a sprinkle of players from the top Premier League teams can get intense.

Playing grounds have become scarce in Nairobi as 'Private Developers' encroach on these hallowed grounds which were set aside for recreational purposes.

If there was a ground which deserved serious investment and a permanent artificial surface it would be the Umeme Sports ground in Ziwani.

Come rain or sunshine, the matches will be played which perhaps brings the uniqueness. Everyday, three matches will be played at this venue from mid November to mid January. You can sit back and enjoy the football and wonder how much beating the ground would take.

At the end of the tournament, there may be no grass but that does not deter budding players who rever the ground and would kick the ball at every opportunity.

Tournament kicks off on Saturday

This year's tournament kicks off this Saturday with A1000 Street, from Kaloleni, the defending champions playing Flats Tornados from 10 a.m.

There are six new teams as the entry is up to 48 teams from last year's 36. New teams include Langata Gremio, South B, Flats Tornadoes, Ngara Youth, Eastleigh, State Rangers, Terror Squad, Shofco, NYSA, Flamengo, Githurai All Stars, Calif United, Kayole Youth and Dream team. Mbotela Kamaliza are making a comeback.

The draw was conducted at the Kariokor Social hall where last year's quarter-finalists were seeded teams with the rest picked up in a normal draw lottery with team representatives picking up balls with group labels. 

The teams will have a mix of players from amateur teams in the neighbourhood to KPL players. Victor Mugubi could visit his team Nyoi FC and may play in one of the matches.

Gor Mahia's Michael Olunga will also be the lead striker for Nyoi FC. Humprey Mieno will marshall the Opitos' defense. Edwin Lavatsa (Mathare United) will be on the attack for Chris Darling's, Help Them Lord.

Pumwani will led by Harambee Stars' left back Abdulatiff Omar and Wilson Obungu both from Bandari.

Koth Biro Pools

Pool A: A 1000 Street, Flats Tornadoes, Shauri Moyo Sportiff, Kiambio Youth, Interdjinamory, Ngara Youth.

Pool B: Umeme Bees, Mathare Celtic, Terror Squad, Eastleigh North, State Rangers, Dream Team.

Pool C: Mamba, Lebanon FC, Young Rovers, Calif United, Madiwa City, Mash Team.

Pool D: OPitos, Mbotela Kamaliza, Piuretto, Kayole Youth, Wenyeji, Zimmerman.

Pool E: Pumwani All Stars, Githurai 44, Kinsan FC, Shofco, South B united, NYSA.

Pool F: Intercity, Githurai Sportiff, BuruBuru Sports, Umeme All Stars, Team Base, Pellico.

Pool G: HelpThem Lord, Githurai All Stars, Headquarter FC, Langata Gremio, Kariobangi All Stars, Shauri Moyo Blue Stars.

Pool H: Nyoi FC, Kahawa All Stars, Indomitable FC, Borrusia, MASA, Flamengo.

November Fixtures

November 14: A 1000 Street v Flats Tornados (10 a.m.), Shauri Moyo Sportive v Kiambio (2 p.m.), Interjinamory v Ngara Youth 4 p.m.); November 16: Umeme Bees v Mathare Celtic (10 a.m.), Terror Squad v Eastleigh (2 p.m.), State Rangers v Calif United (4 p.m.); November 17: Mamba v Lebanon FC (10 a.m.), Young Rovers v Calif United (2 p.m.), Madiwa City v Mash Team (4 p.m.); November 18: Opitos v Mbotela Kamaliza (10 a.m.), Puireto v Kayole Yputh (2 p.m.), Wenyeji v Zimmerman (4 p.m.); November 19: Pumwani All Stars v Githurai 44 (10 a.m.), Kinsau v Shovko (2 p.m.), South B v NYSA (4 p.m.); November 20: Intercity v Githurai Sportive (10 a.m.), Buru Buru Sports v Umeme All Stars (2 p.m.), Team Base v Pelico (4 p.m.); November 21: Help Them Lord v Githurai All Stars (10 a.m.), Headquarter FC v Langata Gremio (2 p.m.), Kariobangi All Stars v Blue Stars (4 p.m.); November 22: Nyoi v Kahawa All Stars (10 a.m.), Indomitable v Borrusia (2 p.m.), Masa v Flamingo (4 p.m.); November 23: Shauri Moyo Sportive v A 1000 Street (10 a.m.), Kiambio v Interjinamory (2 p.m.), Ngara Youth v Flats Tornados (4 p.m.); November 24: Terror Squad v Umeme Bees (10 a.m.) Eastleigh v State Rangers (2 p.m.), Dream Team v Mathare Celtic (4 p.m.); November 25: Youngg Rovers v Mwmba (10 a.m.), Calif United v Madiwa City (2 p.m.), Mash Team v Lebanon FC (4 p.m.); November 26: Puireto v Opitos (10 a.m.), Kayole Youth v Wenyeji (2 p.m.), Zimerman v Mbotela Kamaliza (4 p.m.); November 27: Kinsau v Pumwani All Stars (10 a.m.), Shovko v South B (2 p.m), NYSA v Githurai 44 (4 p.m.); November 28: Buru Buru Sports v Intercity (10 a.m.), Umeme All Stars v Team Base (2 p.m), Pelico v Githurai Sportive (4 p.m.); November 29: Headquarter FC v Help Them Lord (10 a.m), Langata Gremio v Kariobangi All Stars (2 p.m.), Blue Stars v Githurai All Stars (4 p.m.); November 30: Indomitable v Nyoi (10 a.m.), Borrusia v Masa (2 p.m.), Flamingo v Kahawa All Stars (3 p.m).