• We May Make Minimal Changes For Elgon Cup, Otieno

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  • Kenya 15s coach Michael Otieno.(Photo:File)Kenya 15s coach Michael Otieno.(Photo:File)
Apr 24, 2012-

Some experienced players may be called in for the return leg of the Elgon Cup between Kenya and Uganda on Saturday.

Head coach Michael Otieno maintains he is focusing on rebuilding the team and increase the player depth in preparation for the Africa Rugby Confederation (CAR) Cup title defence “which has a bearing on the Rugby World Cup qualifiers next year.”

Otieno observed the team played well but made some glaring mistakes which enabled Uganda to score three tries.

“We kicked possession unnecessarily especially in the first half, knock-ons and failing to dominate territorially.”

Overall, the coach admits that Kenya’s defence has improved and the backline is also beginning to execute the game plan with some efficiency.

Although Kenya included several young players, they gave as much as they received but could not convert the pressure exerted into points.

“We forced so many penalties but could not convert these into points. Kenya also won turnovers within the strike zone but lacked support play,” added Dominique Habimana, the assistant coach.

He cited the try by Justin Kimono. Kenya has a 14-point deficit when the second leg is played.

The return leg of the women’s Elgon Cup match is however clouded by injury to the women’s captain Abadeen Shikhoyi who was airlifted to Nairobi on Saturday after an incident with Uganda’s Christine Kizito.

Her condition is stable but information on the nature of her injury is still scanty. According to information from Uganda, Shikhoyi was lucky that there were medical personnel by the pitch side who quickly diagnosed the situation and made a decision that she be flown to Nairobi by Flying Doctor Service.

There is a Rugby Medical Society which is chaired by a former rugby player Dr. Guma. They are committed to medical safety in rugby and out of their love for the game ensure they attend courses and train other medics within Uganda to deal with emergencies.

Uganda 19 Kenya 5 Tries, Uganda: Romano Ogwal, Justine Kimono; Penalties: Anthony Kinene (3). Kenya, Try: Lawrence Buyachi.

Uganda: Brian Odong (UTL Kobs), Alexander Mubiru (MTN Heathens), Oscar Echulu (UTL Kobs), Romano Ogwal(MTN Heathens), Steven Ogwete (UTL Kobs), Scott Oluoch (MTN Heathens), Mathias Ochwo-Captain (MTN Heathens), Andrew Olweny (Sadolin Mongers), Anthony Kinene (G4S Pirates), Chris Lubanga (MTN Heathens), Jonathan Bishop Onen (MTN Heathens), Oscar Kalyango (UTL Kobs), Michael Wokorach (MTN Heathens), Justin Kimono (UTL Kobs), Benon Kizza (MTN Heathens) Replacements: Solomon Mawanda (G4S Pirates), Martial Tchumkam (Rhinos), Dennis Mulo (MTN Heathens), Marvin Odong (G4S Pirates), Ambrose Kamanyire(UTL Kobs), Paul Kabazzi (G4S Pirates), Dennis Etuket (G4S Pirates). Team Management: Head Coach:Yayiro Kasasa, Strategy:Peter Magona, Forwards & conditioning Coach: Fred Mudoola; Backs Coach: Herbert Wafula; Team Manager: Brian Tabaruka; Team Doctor: Leonard Were; Team Physiotherapist: Michael Alekhu

Kenya: Men: Joel Nga’ng’a (Quins), Sammy Warui (Nakuru), Dennis Karani (Quins), Wilson Kopodo (Quins), Ronnie Mwenesi (Nondies), Duncun Ekasi (Impala), Brian Nyikuli (Quins), Lawrence Buyachi (Impala), Eden Agero (Quins), Ken Andola (Strathmore), Kelvin Omiyo (Homeboyz), Nick Barasa (Quins), Maurice Mbai (Strathmore), Vincent Mose (Impala), Chris Oduor (Quins), Curtis Lilako (KCB), Duncan Mwangi (Nakuru), Daniel Sikuta (Mwamba), Leslie Libasia (Quins), Mathew Musita (KCB), Calvins Biko (Nondies); Officials: Michael Otieno (head coach), Dominique Habimana (assistant coach), Wangila Simiyu (team manager), Chris Makachia (physiotherapist).

Uganda 15 Kenya 6 Tries,

Uganda: Charlotte Mudoola, Winnie Etyang, Rosenburg Kanyunyuzi. Kenya: Penalties, Janet Owino (2) Uganda: Christine Kizito (Thunderbirds), Rosenburg Kanyunyuzi (Thunderbirds), Fortunate Irankunda (Entebbe Sharks)/Warry Nambirige, Hellen Gizamba (Black Panthers), Evelyn Aweku (Thunderbirds), Loy Mbabazi (Black Panthers)/Winnie Atyang, Aaliya Adania (Thunderbirds)/Josephine Namayega, Beatrice Atim (Entebbe Sharks), Prossy Nakakande (Black Panthers), Charlotte Mudoola (Black Panthers), Matilda Tino (Thunderbirds), Claire Anena (Black Panthers)/Regina Athieno, Brenda Kayiyi (Black Panthers), Sauda Adiru (Thunderbirds), Hadija Namuyanja (Thunderbirds)/Asha Nakityo, Anne Sizomu (Black Panthers), Warry Nambirige (Thunderbirds), Josephine Namayega (Black Panthers), Winnie Atyang (Thunderbirds), Harriet Kayonjo (Thunderbirds), Regina Athieno (Entebbe Sharks), Asha Nakityo (Thunderbirds) Team Officials: Team manager: Rebecca Akwenyu; Coach: Brian Makalama; Team doctor: Joseph Kajubi.

Kenya: Camilyne Awuor, Janet Midecha, Kezia Ajambo, Rachael Adhiambo, Millicent Opalla, Stacy Awour, Mary Otieno, Abedeen Shikoyi (Captain), Mary Musieka, Doreen Remour, Linda Nandwa, Philadelphia Olando, Celestine Masinde, Janet Owino, Irene Otieno. Replacements: Adelaide Nasambu, Everlyne Odero, Florence Awuor, Damima Duffield, Shaniz Gaikumi, Winnie Nyama, Robina Wambui Officials: Team manager: Yvonne Makwali; Coach: Steve Sewe; Team physiotherapist: Ben Mahinda .

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