zion zone tennis foundation

Aug 07, 2010

SportNewsArena supports Zion Tennis Foundation, a tennis-based project targeting children living in the vast Kibera slum.

Zion Zone Tennis Foundation was founded by Veronica Osogo, a former Kenya FedCup player who has a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 7 years in her speciality sport, tennis. Osogo picked up the racquet while studying in India and upon her return to Kenya opted to share her skills with the deprived children in Kibera.

Since its inception on September 25, 2006, the foundation has impacted the lives of about 1,000 children between the ages of 3-14 living in one of the biggest slums in Africa. About 60 of these children have had the opportunity to play friendly tennis, mini and ranking matches. The foundation goes beyond the call of tennis and sponsors some of the children through their primary school education.

In 2009 Veronica won the Community Hero Award at the annual Sports Personality Of the Year Awards (SOYA) in recognition of her efforts for that have impacted the lives of hundreds of children in the tough and impoverished neighborhood. The Foundation has also been awarded by the Kenya Lawn Tennis Association (KLTA) as a key community-based project.

SportsNewsArena which aspires to excel in sports coverage recognises the role played by the foundation which ties in well with the SportsNewsArena’s motto of serving the global community through sports.